I know you might have some questions regarding the photoshoots with me and you might be also concerned about inviting unknown person into your home. So I hope these answers will help to build trustful atmosphere before my arrival into your home.

What if my home is not light enough for photoshoot ?

For me, as a professional photographer with 6 years experience in home photoshooting, it’s not a problem — all you need to have at home is usual window.  I have a professional camera and lenses witch allow  me to create high quality photos even during danish cloudy winter days.

In addition, I can bring additional light equipment in case of really dark atmosphere. Usually I ask you to send me a video from you home to get preliminary idea of light conditions in your apartments  

I don't have time to clean all the house/apartment before your visit

There is no need to arrange total cleaning of all the apartments. I’m also a mom of two and I do clearly remember, how exhausted you may be within first weeks with a newborn baby. 

In addition, please think about the fact that your home is not a photo studio, its the place of your real life, so there’s no need to clean it is as a hotel room. Usually I ask you just to remove some unnecessary things in particular corners (like big moving boxes etc.)

When do I need to book a newborn photoshoot with you?

I recommend to book your photoshoot after your 20 weeks scan. This is the best way to ensure availability for your baby photography shoot. At this stage, I will only book in your due date and this will secure your photography session in. Don’t worry if you missed that time - just message me anytime you are ready.

When is the best timing for a newborn photoshoot?

It’s never too late for a newborn photoshoot, however, depending on the age of your baby at the time of the photosession the outcome of the photos may vary.  

As babies get older they stay awake for longer periods and may push themselves out of the classic newborn poses where babies are curled up and sleeping. 

Do you want the posing photos of the baby asleep? If yes then best time is 6-14 days old babies. After 4 weeks old we can make lifestyle newborn photoshoot with playful and awake baby.

What should I wear for the photoshoot?

  • For Baby — anything comfy and easy to remove without waking them.
  • For parents  — wear what make you feel comfortable. But!

Wear solid colours and avoid patterns, pick one or two colours and then coordinate different tones of the colours together. Natural colour (cream, white, beige) are preferable.

If you not sure what to wear just send me a message and we will choose your perfect outfits together!

When should I book pregnancy photoshoot ?

The best time to capture your pregnancy is around 27-33 weeks, but you can start planning your session even right after your 20 weeks scan. Please try not to postpone photoshoot till later pregnancy period because you may suffer from swelling and have much less energy closer to due date.

What clothes should I prepare for pregnancy photoshoot ?

Usually I suggest to prepare sets of casual clothes in natural colors and textures. Outfits may vary depending on a season of the year, so I will provide you with more detailes/options during preparation for photosession. 


Please contact me with any questions regarding newborn photoshoot process.

FAQ. Newborn, Family, Wedding photographer Copenhagen Anastasiia Sevriukova
FAQ. Newborn, Family, Wedding photographer Copenhagen Anastasiia Sevriukova
FAQ. Newborn, Family, Wedding photographer Copenhagen Anastasiia Sevriukova

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