I really enjoy each of my weddings. But this was one of my favorites. Look at this beautiful couple. Thank you, Alina and Melvin, for choosing me as the photographer for your beautiful wedding day on Aero island. I enjoyed it deeply!

At the morning we met in beautiful Aggershøj Pensionat where the couple stayed overnight the day before wedding. So we captured process of preparation and arrived to the ceremony in Ærø Rådhus. After official ceremony we stayed in Ærøskobing to create photos with beautiful old city houses landscapes. Afterwards we came back to the hotel to eat cake, drink champagne and spend time with guests in a beautiful terrace. And the last our location was Marstal beach with its authentic summerhouses  (Badehusene I Marstal).

During that day we met heavy rain, wind and very intensive sun so many times so the weather wasn’t boring) But my couple was so positive that we managed to get incredible photo story as a memory about wedding day for a whole day 


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